Mike Tyson, The Addict

Mike Tyson stated in a “Friday Night Fights” press conference earlier this week that he is not only a “vicious alcoholic” but also, “on the verge of dying”. In the world of boxing, Tyson has become a controversial figure among the media, igniting multi-faceted coverage of his public confession.

 According to the New York Daily News, in a one on one interview with NBC “Today” host, Matt Lauer, Tyson reveals that he believes, “…it’s a real challenge because I don’t know if I like this sober guy,” Tyson said. “It’s hard for me to live normal – straight is hard.”

 Lauer later stated on-air Thursday during his show that, “…”You heard him contradict himself: He said I’m at peace with myself but earlier in the interview he said he can’t live with the guy he is and doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be alive. So there is an awful lot going on inside his mind and I think sometimes it confuses even him.”

 According to CCTV of China, Tyson is now admitting to his mistakes and says that he hopes his former trainer Teddy Atlas (who accused Tyson of sexually assaulting his niece), and others he hurt can find it in their hearts to forgive him. 

Along with details of this week’s press conference, BBC News adds that five years after Tyson became the youngest American fighter to win the WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight titles, he was convicted of raping Desiree Washington and sentenced to six years in prison.

Although it seems that Mike Tyson has generated a certain public image among all platforms of media, he seems to be dedicated in his endeavor to begin a path to sober living. While most news outlets are following this particular story, it seems that none are holding their breath for Tyson to be successful. Consider it “business as usual” for Tyson.




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