Kayne West Paparazzi Battle

Mega-star, Kanye West’s physical incident with a paparazzo has landed him into some legal troubles. BBC News reported that paparazzo Daniel Ramos, was among other paparazzi photographers who waited outside of the Los Angeles airport for West’s arrival.

According to the Hindustan Times, West confronted Ramos, accusing Ramos of trying to provoke him for a significant amount of money. 

The Bangkok Times reported that Ramos addressed a news conference with Celebrity Attorney, Gloria Allred, stating,  “When Kanye West attacked me, I was in complete shock…All I had done was ask him a question. I was terrified when Kanye started to come at me. I backed up because I felt from the look in his eyes that he was going to attack me.” 

According to both the Irish Examiner and NewsPoint Africa, The rapper’s arraignment hearing has been set for October 10th, but isn’t required to make an appearance if he still has a lawyer. The charges against him were dropped from a felony to misdemeanor because Ramos only sustained minor injuries. West may face up to six-months in jail or a $1,000 fine.

While most sources have addressed Kanye’s actions in July previously, it is evident that the progression of this incident is still of interest globally.

In the world of entertainment news, it is rare that one star generates this sort of publicity with a minor circumstance such as this. That caliber of star, is undoubtedly, Kanye West.



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