Greenpeace activists posed ‘real threat’


The latest Greenpeace movement arrests have halted efforts in Russia. In an attempt to board an Arctic rig oil platform in the Barents Sea, all of the crew members aboard the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise were arrested. 

According to the Russia and India Report, the Press service of Russia’s Investigative Committee says that not only did the Greenpeace members resisted arrest, but also believe the activists endangered the property and lives of crew members aboard the Prirazlomnaya oil rig.

An Investigative Committee spokesperson commented, “These actions are criminally liable, regardless of what alleged purpose they had; supposedly peaceful motivation is not a valid justification…”. The spokesperson also said that they plan to determine each crew members’ individual roles.

The Moscow Times reports that the Investigative Committee said charges may be filed soon and those charges include piracy, which is punishable for up to 15 years in prison. The committee also said the Greenpeace ship had suspicious equipment on board and the activists also violated the 500-meter security zone around the platform.

Greenpeace Russia members denied violating the Russian and international law, but the inflatable boats they used to scale the platform did violate the zone. They also said, however, that it posed no danger.

As reported from the International Business Times, the Russian Coast Guard ordered the Arctic Sunrise to leave Russia’s territorial waters after firing 11 warning shots at the Greenpeace ship.

The Russian Federal Security Service stated, “Due to the refusal of the Arctic Sunrise captain to halt the unlawful activity, the administration took a decision to stop the ship. The Coast Guard was forced to fire warning shots four times from artillery cannon onboard a vessel,”. 

As the world continues to monitor the conflict between the Russian government and the Greenpeace activist groups, the ranging charges will be deliberated, with a soon-approaching resolution.


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